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To Whom It May Concern:

Your efficiency and dependability allowed our sale to be conducted promptly and better than we had hoped.  It is a great relief to us that our family will not be left with the burden of our estate when we are gone.  Without you, moving to South Carolina would not have been possible.  Please accept mine and my family's sincerest gratitude.

Mr. and Mrs. Vota

* He knows Kevin's name isn't Henry so it was an ongoing joke throughout the sale and he has lots of friends! :)

Dear Henry,

All I cared about and insisted on was that you allowed me to close when I was supposed to.  You delivered on time and even helped me clean up, which these old bones couldn't do alone.  If I had any friends left I would recommend you to all of them. 

Walter D.

* We found this one funny in its brevity

(excerpt from a 2 page letter - personal bits have been removed)

On behalf of the entire Bruce family we want to thank you all for taking care of my grandpa's estate.  It was a very difficult and emotional task going through 94 years worth of his and my grandma's stuff.  By the end of the 2nd month it was almost impossible.  

... I think we had to do the initial work for the healing process but one by one family members started dropping out.  After a while it just go too much for me and my husband and I thank Pete for referring you every time I see him (he also got a big basket of wine and cheese as a thank you!).

Good luck with the baby and get that sleep now while you can!

​- "Aunt" May

Hi Guys,

Please free to put this on your testimonial page.  You did great and hopefully I never need to call you again (sorry if I was a pain in the ass) but great work. 

T. Greg Hopper

Dear Kevin & Andrea,

Thank you so much for taking care of my estate sale.  After our first meeting I knew you and your family would take extra care of mine.  It was difficult for me getting to the point to call someone in but once I did you really helped me through the entire process and I appreciate Andrea working so closely with me during a very difficult time in my life.

Thank you Thank you!

Patti & George


Our Promise

Our promise to you is to provide oustanding service, honesty, compassion and discretion.  Our testimonials are from people who went above and beyond to thank us and promote our brand based on their results.  Due to the nature of this business and the personal reasons an estate sale is necessary we will never give out our clients name or contact information without their direct approval.  We also do not call and ask for a reference or allow potential clients to call our clients due to the sensitive nature of the sale, especially when it involves a death of a loved one, a divorce or a foreclosure.

Thank you for understanding.

​Kevin Godfrey


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