This process is based on a 4,000 s.f. house and a 30 day timeline.  

This can be altered to fit smaller or larger properties and can be shortened or lengthened depending on your needs.

Our Process


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Day 1 - 3
We will set up a time to meet with you or a designated representative at the house or, for unoccupied homes, we require a key.

Day 2 - 7
We begin our pre-sort cleaning.  This removes any non-sellable items from the property.  For general household items we are able to use standard garbage bags and will leave them curbside.  For larger items we will either utilize an onsite dumpster or a removal service such as 1-800-GOT JUNK.
                 a. We open closets, drawers, check basements, garages and attics if applicable.
                 b. Any personal effects such as pictures will be put aside
                 c.  Any items that are not appropriate for sale will be put aside or discarded                 

Day 3 - 10
Cleaning.  We conduct a surface clean throughout.  This includes but is not limited to: sweeping, dusting, wiping and vacuuming.  Interior only.  Exterior available at additional cost.

Day 7 - 14
Staging.  This is the most important part of the pre-sale process.  It is here that we “touch” every item in the home.  We move from room to room and organize, collect and group items. 
                      a. Based on the level of staging that is required, we will provide:
                             i.   Tables and tablecloths
                             ii.  Tabletop display cases for valuable items
                             iii.  Lighting
                             iv. Clothes racks

* It is at this point that any items that you do not wish to sell, and previously mentioned on the contract, should be removed or marked for secure storage.  Once pictures are taken and prices set you are unable to remove items, unless personal in nature.

Day 14 – 30
Advertising.  Once the home is properly staged we will begin the advertising campaign.  This will include:
                      a. Industry websites – both free and subscription based
                      b. website – we post information, less location and pictures on our site
                      c. Email blast – we send out a targeted email to preferred dealers and buyers
                      d. Social media – we have access to over 50,000 local and vetted buyers
                      e. signage – we make custom signs for your sale
                      f. flyers – flyers will be created and handed out if appropriate
                      g. Local publications – such as Newsday, Pennysaver and Yankee Trader
                      h. For larger estates that support the expense a radio and television campaign may be considered, although this is                           seldom required.

Day 14 – 29
Pricing.  Our staff will price, with color coded tags (to prevent the common practice of “price-switching”) approximately 90% of the items in the home.  Pricing is based on:
                      a. Our experience on fair market value
                      b. research from sites such as ebay, worthpoint …etc.
                      c. Auction results from, askart …etc. for higher valued items
                      d. Appraisals from experts, if required and at our cost
                      e. Grouping of similar items

*Pricing will be completed the day prior to the sale, with final walk-through morning of.

          I.   Our staff will arrive promptly at 7am
          II.  Signage will be placed at location as well as nearby roadways
          III.  Last-minute organizing
          IV.  Prepare sign-up sheet and number system
          V.   Flyers up and down block – both sides
          VI.  Verify change drawer
          VII. Verify internet connection for credit card machine
          VIII. Secure private areas
          IX.   Deep Breath
          X.    Doors open at 9am
                      a. Sale will conclude at approximately 4pm
                      b. Multiple day sales will start over at section I.
                      c. At the end of day, cash will be removed and secured

At the conclusion of the last day of the sale, we will:
          i. Conduct a walk-through of all unsold items
          ii. Do a quick clean

          i. Final clean will be completed once all items are removed
         ii. Prepare final typed inventory of goods sold
        iii. This may take several weeks
        iv. Settle up cash and credit card payments once all have been processed
             Payments range from 3 – 30 days, depending on:

                    a. Credit Card Company
                    b. Bulk/wholesale purchases
                    c. Auction Houses payments not included
          v. Evaluate remaining items

Items that are still sellable have (4) options:
                    1. Auction Houses – Items of higher value that did not sell will be shopped around to our network of auction houses.                         This will be based on location, specialties and upcoming sale dates
                       We will act as your broker
                        If items are not accepted by the Auction House they will be bundled with the remaining items

                    2. Consignment – If you need items removed quickly we will move all items offsite (at an additional fee) and sell                                 them piece by piece.  As items sell we will send you a check at the end of every month, less expenses and                                   commission.

                    3. Bulk/wholesale buyers – We have buyers that deal solely with the remaining items in your estate.  They do not                                pay top dollar but take all of the general household goods that normally would go to charity or be disposed of.

                     4. Buyout – We buy the balance of sellable items.  This option is not always available.
                         Our buyout offer is based on 25% of the final sale day prices.

*At this point any items that you have decided to keep and store on site will be your responsibility.

In the event that items do not sell, there are two available options:
                    1. Donation: Items will be sorted and be made pick-up-ready.  Local charities will be called and inspection and                                    pickup times will be arranged.
                        This service is an additional $125/hr, total – not per person

                     2. Debris Removal: Items that cannot be sold will, at the clients request be disposed of. 
                         Additional costs may include onsite dumpster and labor hours. 
                         Dumpster: Market cost of required dumpster, ex. 10 yard
                         Labor cost: $175/day, per person