1. Sagaponack, 11962
U.S. rank: #2
15. East Hampton, 11937 
U.S. rank: #190
2. Bridgehampton, 11932
U.S. rank: #13
16. Montauk, 11954 
U.S. rank: #194
3. Water Mill, 11976
U.S. rank: #16
17. Locust Valley, 11560 
U.S. rank: #197 
4. Wainscott, 11975 
U.S. rank: #43
18. Oyster Bay, 11771 
U.S. rank: #216

5. Old Westbury, 11568
U.S. rank: #49 

19. Cold Spring Harbor, 11724 
U.S. rank: #280 
6. Mill Neck, 11765 
U.S. rank: #59 
20. Great Neck, 11020 
U.S. rank: #288
7. Amagansett, 11930 
U.S. rank: #60 
21. Roslyn, 11576 
U.S. rank: #322 
8. Glen Head, 11545 
U.S. rank: #83 
22. Remsenburg, 11960 
U.S. rank: #334
9. Great Neck, 11024 
U.S. rank: #91
23. Woodbury, 11797 
U.S. rank: #339
10. Quogue, 11959 
U.S. rank: #93
24. Syosset, 11791 
U.S. rank: #357
11. Manhasset, 11030 
U.S. rank: #108
25. Shelter Island, 11964 
U.S. rank: #394
12. Sag Harbor, 11963 
U.S. rank: #134
26. Port Washington, 11050 
U.S. rank: #448
13. Westhampton Beach, 11978 
U.S. rank: #154
27. Westhampton, 11977 
U.S. rank: #460
14. Southampton, 11968 
U.S. rank: #136
28. Point Lookout, 11569 
U.S. rank: #499 

As seen in Newsday - October 10, 2014: Read Article Here

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Whether we sell it the day of the estate sale or 30 days later at an internationally renowned auction house we stay up-to-date on the particulars and keep you informed every step of the way.

Not all pieces can be put on a display table and expect to command top dollar.  Sometimes a different selling venue is necessary to get it in front of the largest and most qualified audience.

Certain pieces require research above and beyond a simple Google search.  We take the time to dig into the history of the item and assign the perfect price to maximize your return.

Sell The Item


As part of our estate sale services we determine if any pieces fall into this category.

If so, we typically follow the following procedure:

  1. Research and assign value
  2. Discuss selling options with our network of auction houses, collectors and dealers
  3. Negotiate a sale price which provides the maximum return

​Whether a luxury item or general household goods our goal for your sale is:

  • Generate the greatest amount of revenue 
  • Within the shortest amount of time
  • In a way that is both easy and worry-free for you
  • All while maintaining transparency and discretion

 Henry Laurent Estate Sales handles all aspects of the pricing; including research and professional appraisal services at no additional charge. 
Thorough and comprehensive advertising and marketing go into every estate sale; newspaper, website, facebook, craigslist, email distribution and professional signage, again at no charge to you.

The 28 Wealthiest Zip Codes in Long Island

We specialize in Estate and Tag Sales in the following towns:

Luxury Items


A client started to price items prior to our consultation.  During the initial walk-through we saw a piece that caught our eye marked at $75.  After a couple of days of research and reaching out to our regional auction house we were able to authenticate a Rembrandt etching that later sold for $5,600.

Often, in an estate or tag sale we find items of substantial value that can fetch higher prices through venues such as auction houses, collectors, online sales and other marketplaces.

​These items may include:

* Fine Art
* Jewelry
* Collectibles 
* Sculptures
* Oriental Rugs
​* Vintage Electronics

* Cars
* Etchings
* Advertising


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The last day I worried about what to do with my fathers stuff was the day I handed the keys to Kevin. A great service.

Thanks guys!  I couldn't have done it without you.  My nanny would have been proud!

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