How Do I Know What Sold?

​We do allow our clients to set minimum prices on a limited number of items and will work with you to maximize your return. With that being said we know the New York market and will determine the minimum and maximum price an item could bring. We do not want our clients to feel cheated if an item sells for far below its value.

Items usually sell for 10 - 30% of retail at an estate sale with certain, highly collectible pieces selling in the 50-70% range.

Can I Set Minimum Reserves?

  1. ​We set up our display tables throughout the house, and re-arrange furniture as necessary.
  2. We go through the house, emptying drawers and boxes, cleaning items as necessary and arranging them on our display tables.
  3. We arrange "smalls" throughout the house.
  4. We affix prices to all displayed items

How Much "Stuff" Do I Need To Have A Sale?

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​​Full Service Estate & tag Sale Services

How Do You Set Up?

​We strive to sell every last item in the house for the highest price we can achieve.  However, unlike a store, we can't sit back and wait days, months, or years for items to sell. We only have 3-4 day to get it all sold. So there will be items left over.

At the end of the sale, if you wish, we can arrange to have a third party remove all remaining items (and trash), and sweep up the house.  Although there is usually no charge for this, depending on the ratio of sellable items to trash, and the volume, there may be a fee deducted from the proceeds to cover this. Again, this is not an out-of-pocket expense but a deduction from the total proceeds. We will work closely with you on this, making sure you are aware of exactly what needs to be hauled away.​

You can also donate some leftover items to charity and they will give you a form for deducting a write-off from your income taxes.

Also, you can choose to keep any unsold items or give them to friends or family.

How Do You Advertise?

Of Course.  We have our days off just like any one else and sometimes if the mood strikes we'll venture out and look for sales in our area.

We love finding treasures just like any one else but most importantly it allows us to see the process from our buyers point of view.  Most changes we make to our business model come from experiencing the sale in a different way.  We have been able to make small changes that allow for increased efficiency, traffic flow, safety and security while still providing a great service to our clients and buyers.

We charge between 30 - 50%.

This includes everything associated with organizing your sale including:

media costs

set-up labor

appraisal and research 

sales staff


We do not require any upfront fees nor do we have any hidden charges.

What is an Estate Sale?

Frequently Asked Questions

No.  Due to auction delays, ebay issues, shipping ..etc. we have found it impractical to sell on these types of sites.

What Happens If I Have Rare Items?

​​We provide you with a detailed accounting of the sale, showing exactly what sold and for how much.

(Note: minor items, such as towels and washcloths, kitchen wares or toiletries are often grouped into general categories but all major items are listed in detail.)

What Happens To Items That Don't Sell?

​We do need a certain quantity of sellable items in order to hold an estate liquidation sale, however, it does not need to be an "entire household" especially if there are tools, jewelry, desirable collectibles ... etc.  We can let you know during our initial consultation.

How Does Pricing Work?

No.  Don't touch a thing.  Part of our fee is associated with the cleaning, sorting and organizing of all the materials in the home.  We often find valuable items in the junk pile or find the missing piece to something that the client threw out before our involvement.  

There are amazing things out there that are worth more than you think.  Newspapers, glassware, drawings ..etc. can fetch hundreds or thousands of dollars but look like garbage.

Let us decide what gets thrown out.

How Long Does it Take to Set up a Sale?

In order for a sale to be considered an Estate Sale it must meet one of the four "D's":

a. Death
b. Divorce

c. Debt

d. Downsizing

A tag sale consists of all the same features however does not meet those conditions.

​The most common reason for an estate sale is the death of the property owner and the consequent need to quickly liquidate the deceased's belongings.  The decision to have a sale may be that of the surviving family members who are unable or unwilling to keep the items.  A court may order the goods to be sold, with the proceeds to be divided among the survivors or it could also be mandated in the will of the deceased.

An estate sale may also occur because the property owner will be moving or has moved into a situation where he will be unable to keep his property—for example, a move to an assisted living facility, a retirement community, a rest home, or other living quarters.

Should I Wait To Sell My House Before I Have A Sale?

If you have fine art, sculptures, artifacts ...etc. and we can't find the pricing or history we have a network of appraisers and dealers who can.

It's at this stage that we may direct you to place the item up for auction or sell the item directly to a dealer.

We price all of your items based on a number of factors, including:

  1. Fair Market Value
  2. Recent Auction Results
  3. Periodicals
  4. Expert Appraisals

Kevin Godfrey is a NYS Licensed General & Public Adjuster specializing in personal property evaluations and appraisals.  We have appraised and sold more than $35M worth of household goods, luxury items and automobiles.

Our 67 years of combined experience in this industry provides us with a great deal of knowledge in regards to pricing, description and history of items.

However, the most important part of pricing is knowing when we don't know.  In these cases we rely on our extensive network of collectors, dealers and experts to help us out.

We can set up a sale in 3-5 days and can conduct it in as little as 1 week/7 days.

We can also schedule your sale up to a year in advance, doing all of the preliminary work upfront and keeping your sale in the Upcoming Sales section.

How Much Do you Charge For Your Services?

Do You Sell On Ebay?

​Some real estate brokers may disagree with us but our answer is no. Once the house is sold, time for holding an estate sale or liquidation can be very limited or even nonexistent.  It is far better to have the estate sale right away and then clean, repair, paint the house ...etc. 

We offer one of the most comprehensive marketing plans in the industry.  

This includes:

  1. Social Media - One of the newest and best ways to attract clients to an estate sale is through sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  We have over 50,000 vetted buyers at our disposal.​
  2. Industry Websites
  3. Free Sites
  4. ​Paid Sites
  5. ​Email subscribers
  6. Auction sites
  7. Newspapers
  8. ​Pennysavers

Do You Attend Estate Sales?

Should I Throw Anything Out?